Marble Countertops

Marble brings a classic look with a durable surface. However, many people don’t know why marble is often used – and known – as such a reliable surface. Thankfully, we’re going to cover some of the reasons as to why many turn to this product when it comes to making their home look incredible. With this being said, here’s a look at marble and why people turn to this durable product for their home.

How are Marble Countertops Made?

Marble countertops go through many different processes before they reach a home. Such process a marble countertop goes through are:

  • Transportation – The transportation of marble isn’t easy. Since each piece must be treated with care during truck transportation, other rocks and foam are placed between the marble pieces so they can get to the destination safely.
  • Arrival – Once the marble arrives, a very slow crane/winch process is used for truck removal as the pieces are very fragile and expensive.
  • Water-Blasting/Cutting – After the pieces of marble are removed from the truck, large computerized saws to turn the chunks of marble into manageable slabs and squares. Once the pieces are cut, the pieces go through a water-blasting process that smooths the rough edges and imperfections.
  • Detail & Finish – The detail and finishing process of marble development are the final touches applied before it is shipped and put up for sale. The process requires varying levels of sandpaper to smooth out the surface, which is then followed by the finishing process to give the incredible shine that marble countertops are well known for.

The Benefits of marble countertops

Marble countertops offer many excellent advantages over other materials on the market. Such advantages are:

  • Incredible Beauty – Giving off a spectacular shine no matter how much the countertop has been used, marble has a consistent shine that last for decades to come. In addition to this, the igneous stone comes in a wide variety of colors and no countertop carries the same pattern due to how the marble is made/found.
  • Marble Can Handle The Heat – A marble countertop can handle any type of common household heat you may have in store for it. Being able to handle your hot pots/pans, curling irons, and catch sparks from the fireplace, a marble countertop is the ultimate choice when it comes to handling extreme temperatures in your home.

In consideration of the information above, marble is built to last no matter what room it may be installed in. Combining class and durability, a proper marble installation will look great for decades to come.

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